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Documentary Photography Review | 3rd September 2015

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PODCAST: Freya Najade and Strawberries in Winter

15th July 2015 |

In this episode of the Documentary Photography Review podcast I speak to photographer Freya Najade.

We talk about Freya’s work with a particular focus on her Strawberries in Winter project, which explores modern farming practices that … Read More

Kate Stanworth and Murgueros

7th July 2015 |

Please introduce the story you’re exploring…

This story looks at the lives of a group of murgueros – dancers and percussionists in Buenos Aires who form a 150-strong community, like a giant family. Murga is a … Read More

PODCAST: Anna Huix and Karakoram’s Gemstone Hunters

1st July 2015 |

In this episode of the Documentary Photography Review podcast I am talking to Anna Huix – a documentary and editorial photographer from Catalonia, but now living in London.

We talk about Anna’s experience of collaborating with … Read More

PODCAST: An Interview with Eduardo Leal

1st June 2015 |

In this episode I am speaking with Eduardo Leal – a documentary photographer originally from Portugal, focusing on social and environmental issues across South America, and the politics and traditions within the region.

I first came … Read More

PODCAST: Adhytia Putra and The Price of Paper

1st January 2015 |

In this episode I am speaking with Adhytia Putra, an Indonesian documentary photographer who has recently graduated from the London College of Communication with a Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography.

During his time at the … Read More

Kate Stanworth and Somaliland Summer

29th December 2014 |

I’m Kate Stanworth – I’m a London-based portrait and documentary photographer, and this summer I’ve been working on a new project which is a work in progress, called ‘Somaliland Summer’.Read More

PODCAST: Iesha Small and Mindshackles

15th December 2014 |

Today’s interview is with Iesha Small – a documentary photographer who picked up a camera just a few years ago, in order to help navigate her way through a particularly difficult time in her life.

In … Read More

The Story of an Eviction

22nd October 2014 |

The UK has had a steady increase in the number of evictions since the year 2000 records. According to the Ministry of Justice 37,739 private and public sector tenants in 2013 saw their homes repossessed by court bailiffs. Behind each figure, a whole set of events have taken place leaving many people and families completely broken. The story of Francesca is one of these stories that largely takes place within social tenancies. It is a reflection on what it is to be a social tenant, and how becoming homeless can happen in a short space of time.Read More