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Documentary Photography Review | 13th July 2018

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Posts ByRebecca Enderby, Author at Documentary Photography Review

Saving the Waggle Dance – Urban beekeeping in London

21st July 2013 |

This documentary photography project is the beginnings of an exploration into urban bee keeping in London, currently focused on South East London where I live.

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EXHIBITION REVIEW: Landmark: The Field of Photography

16th April 2013 |

As a landscape photography exhibition part titled ‘Landmark’ and whose cover image is the iconic Edward Burtynsky ‘red river’ in ‘Nickel Tailings no. 34’ (1996), I entered this exhibition as a part (cultural) geographer, part photographer, keen to see an engaging and contemporary take on the concept of landscape photography and a search of images that moved away from the pristine (though wonderful) Ansell Adams style landscapes, untouched by human presence. Read More

Kerela’s fisheries: Times, they are a changing

31st January 2013 |

This body of images presents the (early) beginnings of a photography project documenting traditional livelihoods in India that are intrinsically linked with the environment and that are undergoing major changes or shifts.

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