Every day those who gather news – from citizen journalists to seasoned professionals, on atrocities and injustices around the globe, do so to inform, engage and mobilise a collective response. They risk their lives so that people in countries not blighted by war, conflict or paramilitary activities might know what their fellow human beings are being subjected to, in the hope that positive action might be taken by the citizens and the governments of those nations.

They shine a light in the darkness, they breathe life into stories that might otherwise lie stillborn in the consciousness of those unaffected by the events that unfold before them.

This makes journalists a target of violence, illegal detention, kidnap and torture – measures willfully inflicted on them to ensure their observations are not recounted to the rest of the world.

With 71 journalists killed in 2013, 826 recorded arrests, and 2160 cases of journalists being threatened or physically attacked, it is increasingly important to ensure that prior to venturing into hostile territories journalists are trained in how to keep themselves safe from harm, and know how to act and react to the multitude of dangers they might face while trying to carry out their job in a place of civil unrest or conflict zone.

With an increasing number of freelance journalists heading to the front lines and putting themselves at risk without the support of a big broadcaster or news agency, it is harder for them to gain access to quality training at an affordable price.

At Remote Trauma we want to ensure that our course is accessible to those who need the training most. Our Hostile Environment and Trauma Training (HETT) course is therefore specifically aimed at freelancers from all media types and all areas of current affairs, documentary film-making, photojournalism and news gathering, ensure freelance journalists can gain access to the training they need. We therefore provide places on our HETT course for freelance journalists for just £1295 per person excluding VAT. This is instead of standard rate for £2,160 + VAT, per person.

Remote Trauma has a reputation for providing freelancers with outstanding, comprehensive and effective training for hostile environments. We cover everything you need to know from digital security through to recognising IEDs and much more in between. Our trainers have extensive experience of working in hostile, conflict and current news environments. The course content and delivery have been developed and refined using the first-hand experiences of current, active media, security and medical professionals – ensuring our courses are current, relevant, comprehensive and varied.

They are backed by a highly-skilled and experienced technical support team ensuring the most effective, relevant and up-to-date teaching methods and training tools are available to you – from foreign speaking role-players to state of the art video feedback. The training is dynamic and practical, offering hands-on experience of the challenges faced by those working at the frontline in any environment.

The HETT course is fully residential and located in the county of Hampshire approximately 55 minutes from Central London by train. Course fees cover four nights accommodation and all meals, but exclusive of travel.

Remote Trauma’s team are proud to have new-comers and seasoned journalists from all corners of the globe and we strive to ensure everyone leaves our courses better prepared and with more know-how than they arrived. But don’t take our word for it – go to the testimonials page and hear what past delegates have said about Remote Trauma’s training…and then sign up and experience it for yourself using the link below!

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