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Documentary Photography Review | 20th August 2018

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Visual Storytelling and Effective Editing – An interview with Raffaela Lepanto

5th June 2014 |

In this interview, Editorial Picture Editor, Raffaela Lepanto responds to questions from Chris at Documentary Photography Review on how photographers can improve the visual storytelling through more effective editing of their body of work.

Can you … Read More

EXHIBITION REVIEW: Uncertain state: Photography and the Crisis in Ireland

9th July 2013 |

Emptiness fills Uncertain State: Photography and the Crisis in Ireland. The group show, at Dublin’s Gallery of Photography, draws us towards what’s gone, to what’s been left behind.

With titles like 32 Residential Units and 18 Apartments in 2 Blocks, … Read More

EXHIBITION REVIEW: Landmark: The Field of Photography

16th April 2013 |

As a landscape photography exhibition part titled ‘Landmark’ and whose cover image is the iconic Edward Burtynsky ‘red river’ in ‘Nickel Tailings no. 34’ (1996), I entered this exhibition as a part (cultural) geographer, part photographer, keen to see an engaging and contemporary take on the concept of landscape photography and a search of images that moved away from the pristine (though wonderful) Ansell Adams style landscapes, untouched by human presence. Read More

BOOK REVIEW: The Photographer’s Story – Michael Freeman

28th March 2013 |

Documentary photography requires skill beyond the technical and creative mastery of camera and lens. To document and to photograph requires a skillset that reaches past the mere assembly of a random collection of images on a common theme. In this … Read More

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