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Documentary Photography Review | 22nd July 2018

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bangladesh Archives - Documentary Photography Review

Puppet Show

15th March 2014 |

After every five years, the time for general election comes in Bangladesh, bringing with it a fresh season of despair and uncertainty. For the last couple of months, the nation has been passing through sheer horror and uncertainty due to the ongoing fierce political unrest that sparked from a couple of issues.Read More

PODCAST: An interview with Kazi Riasat Alve

15th January 2014 |

Kazi ‘Alve’ Riasat is a young photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He studied business at the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) both at Dhaka and Chittagong, but became interested in photography when a friend gave him a hand-me-down Nikon … Read More

Blackwater Street

2nd December 2013 |

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is one of the populous cities in the world. An unexpected rapid rate of growing urban population has made this city unable to cope with changing situations due to their internal resource constraints and management limitations. As a common and regular problem of the city, Dhaka city have been facing extensive water logging during the monsoon (May to October) over the last decade.

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Life Under Construction

15th May 2013 |

24th April 2013, it was just like an another random day for all the Bangladeshi people. A day started with lots of pressure with work for the working people and so on for other people with their duty. But who knew that the next day will be the day of mourning for this date.

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People around Chittagong Railway Station

13th May 2013 |

Like any other railway stations of Bangladesh, Chittagong Railway Station is not only a place for stopping & starting trains but also a shelter for a homeless people, marketplace for hawkers and even for some peoples a place for taking drugs and crime. This rail station is country’s second busiest railway station as Chittagong is the second largest city of the country and also the most important commercial hub. In this busy station some people find their shelter and livelihood.

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