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Documentary Photography Review | 12th July 2018

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PODCAST: Roberto Zampino and Piscaturi

15th April 2014 |

In this Documentary Photography Review Podcast we talk to Sicilian photographer Roberto Zampino about his recent documentary photography project ‘Piscaturi’.  Roberto tells us what drew him to photography and why he now brands himself an ‘out there’ photographer. … Read More

Downtown Eastside Vancouver BC

28th February 2014 |

Vancouver Downtown Eastside is the biggest open air drugs market in North America and has been cited for years by Statistics Canada as one of the country’s poorest postal codes and likely remains Canada’s poorest urban area. It’s an area inhabited by low-income residents, now widely known as home to drug users and a myriad of drug dealers; as the community of last refuge for the mentally ill; as a ghetto filled with less than substandard housing; as a dangerous but accepting refuge for the homeless; as the nexus of crime for Greater Vancouver; as the danger-filled workplace for marginalized prostitutes; and as the destination of last resort for society’s discards.Read More

AWRA AMBA, Living a Utopia

13th April 2013 |

Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in Africa. Due to some archeological findings, Ethiopia is considered the origin of humanity. The country was home to the ancient civilisations of Axum and Lalibela. 

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Canvey Island

21st February 2013 |

‘From The Sea by the Grace of God’ – Canvey Island motto

This project explores the relationship between Canvey Island, Essex and the sea through interviews with five local people.

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Urban Utopia

18th February 2013 |

There are 11 inner city farms open for free to the public in London, each one providing an oasis of calm and a chance for escapism from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city, as well as an opportunity to socialise with other like-minded people.

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Kerela’s fisheries: Times, they are a changing

31st January 2013 |

This body of images presents the (early) beginnings of a photography project documenting traditional livelihoods in India that are intrinsically linked with the environment and that are undergoing major changes or shifts.

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Mawa Langa

31st January 2013 |

Mawa Langa was specially created for children in Malawi. In a country with only a 1% prevalence rate of HIV amongst children aged 5-12, this age group has been called a ‘window of hope’.Read More

Urban farming in London – without Chelsea tractors and designer wellies

31st January 2013 |

Urban farming (or urban agriculture) is a growing movement in major cities around the globe often led by local communities who are concerned about the health implications, ethics and environmental sustainability of industrial farming practices.

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The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Older Generations

31st January 2013 |
My project is about the impact of HIV/AIDS on Older People in a village called Huay Bong  26km outside Chiang Mai . Over the years the village have lost family members to HIV – in fact 40 out of the 50 villagers have been impacted by such a loss .

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