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Documentary Photography Review | 13th July 2018

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PODCAST: Simon Hipkins and The Circle

1st August 2015 |

In this episode I’m speaking to documentary photographer and filmmaker Simon Hipkins.

Simon has worked professionally in photography and film for 15 years, and has worked as a director/producer, cameraman and editor for documentaries for the … Read More

Hostile Environment Training by Remote Trauma

19th August 2014 |

Every day those who gather news – from citizen journalists to seasoned professionals, on atrocities and injustices around the globe, do so to inform, engage and mobilise a collective response. They risk their lives so that people in … Read More

Life in the Jordan Valley

27th July 2013 |

Hugging the West Bank of the Jordan River from which most of the Occupied Palestinian Territories derive their name, the Jordan Valley represents a little-reported but highly active site of conflict within the region.

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Battle for Bethlehem Gate

21st February 2013 |

In November 2012 I travelled to the West Bank to initiate a story looking at life under occupation in Palestinian Refugee camps. Almost as soon as I arrived rocket exchanges between Gaza and Israel intensified for the first time in years, making international news.

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