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Documentary Photography Review | 13th July 2018

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VIDEO: Sam Ivin’s Community Nurses

16th September 2014 |

In this Documentary Photography Review video podcast photographer Sam Ivin shares the stories behind the images in his Community Nurses project.

Sam explores the everyday activities of community nurses in rural Wales, UK, and shares his … Read More


18th March 2014 |

This is Bergvin Oddson or Beggi as he’s also known. He is a husband, father of two, a student at The University of Iceland where he study’s politics, a standup comedian, a hard worker, a published writer and he is also blind. Beggi hasn’t always been blind. He lost his site in 2001 at the age of 15. He got the herpes virus, the same one that you get on your lips and bugs you for few days. Read More

Market Town : Tilney1 : Isolation

18th February 2013 |

Tilney1’s days, a reflection of the selected memories that play with constant repetition within his mind are day upon day the same. He wakes alone from a night spent alone after another day of solitude.

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The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Older Generations

31st January 2013 |
My project is about the impact of HIV/AIDS on Older People in a village called Huay Bong  26km outside Chiang Mai . Over the years the village have lost family members to HIV – in fact 40 out of the 50 villagers have been impacted by such a loss .

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