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Documentary Photography Review | 21st July 2018

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homelessness Archives - Documentary Photography Review

The Story of an Eviction

22nd October 2014 |

The UK has had a steady increase in the number of evictions since the year 2000 records. According to the Ministry of Justice 37,739 private and public sector tenants in 2013 saw their homes repossessed by court bailiffs. Behind each figure, a whole set of events have taken place leaving many people and families completely broken. The story of Francesca is one of these stories that largely takes place within social tenancies. It is a reflection on what it is to be a social tenant, and how becoming homeless can happen in a short space of time.Read More

Downtown Eastside Vancouver BC

28th February 2014 |

Vancouver Downtown Eastside is the biggest open air drugs market in North America and has been cited for years by Statistics Canada as one of the country’s poorest postal codes and likely remains Canada’s poorest urban area. It’s an area inhabited by low-income residents, now widely known as home to drug users and a myriad of drug dealers; as the community of last refuge for the mentally ill; as a ghetto filled with less than substandard housing; as a dangerous but accepting refuge for the homeless; as the nexus of crime for Greater Vancouver; as the danger-filled workplace for marginalized prostitutes; and as the destination of last resort for society’s discards.Read More

PODCAST: An interview with Kazi Riasat Alve

15th January 2014 |

Kazi ‘Alve’ Riasat is a young photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He studied business at the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) both at Dhaka and Chittagong, but became interested in photography when a friend gave him a hand-me-down Nikon … Read More

People around Chittagong Railway Station

13th May 2013 |

Like any other railway stations of Bangladesh, Chittagong Railway Station is not only a place for stopping & starting trains but also a shelter for a homeless people, marketplace for hawkers and even for some peoples a place for taking drugs and crime. This rail station is country’s second busiest railway station as Chittagong is the second largest city of the country and also the most important commercial hub. In this busy station some people find their shelter and livelihood.

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