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Documentary Photography Review | 12th July 2018

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london Archives - Documentary Photography Review

Disappearing Home

22nd August 2015 |

Disappearing Home is a portrait of the East End’s English community at the start of the new century: it documents and explores its culture and traditions. The project depicts a glimpse into the everyday lives of the English people of East End and intends to serve as a visual representation of the identity of this community today.Read More

PODCAST: An Interview with Claudia Leisinger

15th February 2014 |

In this Documentary Photography Review podcast we talk with Claudia Leisinger, a London based freelance portrait and documentary photographer. We discuss her journey into photography; her well travelled childhood and its influence on her image taking and the challenges of juggling a family and photography. The interview focuses on her project The Last of the Fish Porters. We discusses the story of the fish porters at Billingsgate Market and the changing ‘face ‘of London, as well as the photographic challenges, aesthetic choices and her use of multimedia.

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PODCAST: An interview with Jonathan Goldberg

31st January 2014 |

In this Documentary Photography Review podcast we talk with Jonathan Goldberg about his two projects centred on Transition Towns/the Transition Network.  Transition Towns are a response to issues such as climate change, peak oil and economic instability and … Read More

My Green Place on the Bay

18th January 2014 |

Whilst doing my master’s degree (MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography) at London College of Communication, which I have just graduated from, I became fascinated by the rich history of Greenwich and started exploring themes of time, ancestry and memory within the borough I live through the medium of photography.

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PODCAST: An interview with Antonio Olmos

31st December 2013 |

In our interview with Antonio Olmos we discuss his journey as a photographer from Mexico to London, and the changes he has seen over his many years in the business, including the switch to film and the role … Read More

Saving the Waggle Dance – Urban beekeeping in London

21st July 2013 |

This documentary photography project is the beginnings of an exploration into urban bee keeping in London, currently focused on South East London where I live.

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A Day of Protest

2nd July 2013 |

With the recent negative press surrounding the strong armed tactics of the Met police and the anarchistic behaviour of the G8 protesters in London on the 12th June, this body of work was undertaken with the intention of documenting a truthful account the days event to what is quickly becoming the ugly sibling to the G8 summit.

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Urban Utopia

18th February 2013 |

There are 11 inner city farms open for free to the public in London, each one providing an oasis of calm and a chance for escapism from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city, as well as an opportunity to socialise with other like-minded people.

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Urban farming in London – without Chelsea tractors and designer wellies

31st January 2013 |

Urban farming (or urban agriculture) is a growing movement in major cities around the globe often led by local communities who are concerned about the health implications, ethics and environmental sustainability of industrial farming practices.

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